Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Hardest Part of Life in New York

Since we started to chronicle life in New York, one aspect of living in the 5 boroughs has struck us as being perhaps the most common, pervasive, and typically challenging for the millions who huddle in this great city: the hunt for space (condos, apartments, coops etc). Simply put, real estate is at the core of what makes New York so great, and challenging for many. Despite being plentiful, it is often times shoddy, and more often times, obscenely expensive. 

Those of us who don't work in banking (and many who do) are forced to spend a huge portion of our salaries on living in tiny shoe box apartments, while the 1% live in luxurious sky castles, with private balconies and butters named Albert (or Jeeves - often times Jeeves...). 

Anyway, somewhat random, but we've decide to focus on a new real estate related project for those looking to buy condos or rent apartments in New York. It seemed like finding a better way for those struggling to find nice living space would go to the heart of the New York condition, so we built -- it's a new project that aims to make it a little easier and perhaps even add a little joy to the house hunting experience. It's very early, and we plan to add a ton of functionality. But we already have a ton of inventory for sales and rental options in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and every other borough and neighborhood in New York City. Hope you find the project helpful and please don't hestitate to let us know what you think!  Very best --> the Elojo Danne New York team.